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Year 5

What is our latest topic.........ALLOTMENT?


Come on, let’s grow!


This half term, we’ll visit an allotment to see what’s growing and spot the greenhouses and frames that help the plants to grow. Our visit will inspire us to write a report about the allotment and investigate types of compost and biodegradable materials used. We’ll use food from the allotment to make delicious dishes, and plant our own fruits and vegetables. Our art skills will improve as we make detailed observational drawings, using botanical images for inspiration. We’ll write a set of instructions explaining how to plant a tree and learn how to care for plants. We’ll explore germination, learn more about the parts of the plant and find out how they reproduce. Maps will help us to identify the best place for an allotment and where different foods come from.

Once we’ve all got green fingers, we’ll write poems to celebrate the wonder of the garden. We’ll look at how well our plants have grown and make structures to support them. Attending our gardening masterclass will also help you to learn how to grow plants too!


Help your child prepare for their project
Where does our food come from? Why not explore food at home or at the supermarket to find out how far it has travelled? You could also visit a local farm or strawberry picking field to look at the plants and structures. Alternatively, have a go at planting a sunflower seed and giving it all of the conditions needed to help it grow.


Memorable experienceVisit an allotment
Innovate challengeFarmers' market
EnglishNon-chronological reports; Instructions; Explanations; Narrative; Poetry
GeographyLand use; Food origins; Geographical skills and fieldwork; Map work; Climate
A&DBotanical drawing and painting
ComputingUsing the web; Word processing
D&TCooking and nutrition; Making planters; Making structures
PSHETaking responsibility
ScienceLife cycles of animals and plants; Working scientifically
Science investigationsDo dock leaves cure a sting? How many potatoes can you grow?

Home Learning to support children at home

Meet the teacher - Autumn 2021

What will we be learning this year? 2021-2022

Applying for the South West Herts Consortium Schools

Secondary transfer 2020-21


    Now is a good time to start thinking about the next stage in your child's journey.. the move to secondary school.


Please take the time now to visit schools you are interested in by attending one of their open evening sessions.  Details of dates and times can be found through:



Please click on the schools directory and select secondary schools. This will provide a list of all Hertfordshire schools and then you will be able to access their information, including dates for open evenings and events.


Please note there are a number of schools in the South West Herts Consortium that require an entrance examination.  Your children will be able to sit this in Sept 2020.  Further details of how to enrol and important dates will be sent out to you when they are available.

These  schools are:


·Croxley Danes School (Music aptitude only)

·Parmiter's School

·Queens’ School

·Rickmansworth School

·St Clement Danes School

·Watford Grammar School for Boys

·Watford Grammar School for Girls


If you have any questions please talk to either the class teacher or Mrs Elsley