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Year 4

What is latest topic.......MISTY MOUNTAIN SIERRA?


Mighty mountains rise above the morning mists, imposing and eternal.


In the classroom, we’ll use a range of maps, information books and websites to write a recount of our visit. We’ll find out where the highest mountains are, learn how to use a compass and make 3-D mountain models. Inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world, we’ll complete graphs showing heights, look at webcam and satellite images and create wonderful weavings. Using our literacy skills, we’ll write mountain-shaped poems and compose songs about the water cycle. We’ll also examine how mountains are displayed on a map, and build a water cycle to look at changing states of matter.


At the end of the project, we’ll write stories about the Yeti and invite you to a presentation that will showcase our geography skills. Finally, we’ll think about our personal ‘mountains’. What are our goals and how will we achieve them?


Help your child prepare for their project
Climbing a mountain is an exciting adventure! Why not research one of the world’s highest mountains together? You could also find out about the animals that live there and how they have adapted to the environment. Alternatively, visit the library together to find out how mountains are formed and where in the world they can be seen.


Memorable experienceVisit a local hill or moor
Innovate challengePlan a mountaineering holiday
EnglishRecounts and non-chronological reports; Calligrams; Explanations; Leaflets; Narratives
GeographyUsing maps; Human and physical geography
A&DClay work; Weaving
ComputingSatellite mapping; Using GPS devices; 2-D animation; Online research
D&TEvaluating and reflecting
MusicComposing lyrics
PSHEFacing new challenges; Mountain safety
ScienceStates of matter; Working scientifically
Science investigationsWhat do squirrels eat? Where does water go? Can worms sense danger? Why does it flood?

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