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Smart School Council

Home Debate Club: Quick video guide for teachers and parents

Home Debate Club is a weekly, guided, 10 minute online activity that allows young people and their families to participate in a national debate. It is for students between the ages of 6-12 and aims to help young people feel like their voice matters and improve their oracy skills. A new debate goes live every Monday and runs for a week. It is completely online and mobile friendly, so families can participate using their phone or computer and do not need to use pens or paper.

Our Smart School Council plays an important role in the school, looking at issues or ideas that affect the children themselves and gives every pupil an opportunity to be part of decisions that affect them.


Each class votes for one pupil to represent them on the Communication team, who meet regularly to plan and discuss ways to change, adopt and create to make our school a better place for them.


More news on our Smart School Council will be coming soon!


Mrs Beere