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Ascot Road Community Free School

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Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership plays an important role in the school, looking at issues or ideas that affect the children themselves and gives the children an opportunity to be part of decisions that affect them. The Junior Leaders act as a voice for all the children  and have a  dedicated leader for each class.


Why we have Junior Leadership

Giving children in our school the confidence to speak up, take control, share ideas and opinions on what they think we could change, adopt and create to make our school a better place for them.


How Junior Leadership runs

  • Junior Leadership is a group of children who meet with our Assistant Principal

  • One member of each class, in charge of Junior Leadership

  • In charge of taking opinions and ideas from the class to the meeting.

  • Regular meeting held once every half term. (More if need be)

  • Meetings run by Mrs Beere

  • Minutes sent toSLT members and requests of children discussed in SLT.


Junior Leadership Staff

Mrs Beere