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Ascot Road Community Free School

...for a better future


Our Governors

Phil Barton: Chair of Governors.
Ubaid Hassan- Vice-Chair & Chair Resources,  H & S
Anna Shaw- Chair Outcomes, Inclusion+Special Needs
Chloe Arnold - Safeguarding Link
Tim Body - Community Governor
Abimbola Alabede (Abi) - Literacy + Languages Link
Kunal Kothari– Resources Committee-.STEM (Sci
Fiona Comploi- Community Governor- Resources Comm
Paul Cann- Community Governor- Building Strong Community Relationships Link
Abolade (Abby) Odunsi- Community Governor- GDPR Compliance and IT Link
Sabeen Kazmi - Staff Governor





Philip Barton - Chair of Governors. 

Special Responsibility: Governor Training Link.

Elected by Parents:- 18.09.2019

Term:- 4 years

Pecuniary Interests:- None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings:- 2019,2/2. 2020, 3/3

Committee:- Outcomes and Resources

Professional qualifications:-BSc (Hons) Psychology, Certificate in Education, LIQA

Phil is married with two children, both attending Ascot Road CFS.

Following 9 years of military service in the Royal Air Force, his career took him into Aircraft Engineering, Education and Training, Counselling and Rehabilitation of Offenders and most recently HR/Occupational Psychology.

He currently works in two separate roles, at a National Charity working with the rehabilitation of offenders related to Alcohol and Drug abuse and as an Assessor for the Metropolitan Police Service relating to suitability criteria of potential and serving Police officers. He is also currently undertaking an MA in Social Work at Middlesex University.

Phil is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Sunrise Academy Ukunda Charitable Trust.

“I am a passionate advocate for lifelong learning and ensuring that the educational journey of our children starts with the very best possible Primary School education. As your Chair of Governors, I plan to drive our continued successes and to strive for Ascot Road to reach its full potential as a local Community Free School.

Anna Shaw:- Chair of Outcomes Committee -

Appointed by WHCFST:- 6th July 2018

Term:- 4 years

Pecuniary Interests:- None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings:- 2019, 3/3. 2020, 1/1.

Committee:- Outcomes.

Special Responsibility:- Link Governor English and Literacy. Inclusion and Special Needs Link

Professional qualifications: -BA (Hons) French and Linguistics, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary), Accreditation in Introduction to Autism.

Anna is married with three children of Primary and Secondary school age”.

She qualified as a Primary School teacher more than 15 years ago and during her career working in the state-funded and independent sectors. She has specialised in teaching French to beginners and gained accreditation in Introduction to Autism. She currently works as an Elective Home Education (EHE) Adviser and was a founding committee member of the national body for EHE professionals.

"Passionate about ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential, I am looking forward to working with the governors at Ascot Road School to assist in fulfilling its vision to provide an outstanding education for its children. I am delighted to become part of the Governing Body.”


Ubaid Hassan - Vice Chair, Chair of Resources Committee. Parent Governor - Health and Safety Link

Elected by Parents:- 4th January 2019

Term:- 4 years

Pecuniary Interests:- None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings:- 2019 3/3. 2020 1/1

Committee:- Chair of Resources Committee

Professional qualifications:- Member of the Association of Certified Management Accountants (ACMA), BSc and MSc in Management Sciences and Operational Research.

Ubaid has extensive industry experience in the telecommunications sector covering a variety of analytical and leadership roles. He is an independent IT consultant on national and international projects.

He acted as Treasurer and Vice-Chair of a disabled children’s charity before becoming a parent governor at Rickmansworth High School in 2015. He also has a passion for cricket and coaches the Under 9 to Under 15 boys’ group at Rickmansworth Cricket Club.

“I am keen to serve the school in the best possible way to influence outcomes for children of all abilities and to help enable them to fulfill their ambitions; and most importantly, enjoy their time at school”.


Chloe Arnold - Link Governor Safeguarding

Appointed - 1st September 2019

Term:- 4 years

Pecuniary Interests:- None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings:- 2019, 2/2. 2020,0/1.

Committee:- Outcomes

Professional qualifications:- Bachelor of Laws

Chloë has a background in law, specifically the areas of crime and immigration. She currently works as an advocate for the Home Office, representing the Secretary of State in asylum and immigration cases at the First-Tier Tribunal.

She has worked and volunteered for a number of charities, including the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Amicus ALJ. Chloë has lived in Croxley Green for over 15 years and wishes to make an active contribution to the education of children in her local area.
“I am looking forward to playing a part in the safe, inclusive, creative and encouraging environment at Ascot Road has created for the children to give them a Better Future.”

Tim Body - Community Governor

Appointed: by the governing body and ratified by Trust and members on 15/05/2017:

Term of Appointment: 4 Years

Pecuniary Interests: None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings: 2016-17 2/2  2017-18 2/6 2018. 2019, 2/3. 2020 0/1

Area of Expertise:

Tim is an Art Teacher by profession but is the current Headteacher of Westfield Academy in Watford where he has been the Headteacher for over 4 years. During his time at Westfield Academy he has had a number of Leadership and Management roles, culminating in Headteacher. Alongside this, he has also been an Additional Inspector for OFSTED.


Sabeen Kazmi: - Staff Governor

Appointed 4th January 2019

Term 4 years

Pecuniary Interests - None

Committee - Outcomes

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings. 2019 3/3, 2020 1/1

Sabeen is Early Years Leader and has been with the school since the beginning of the journey. She also teaches a reception class - Canary Wharf. She is a proactive member of the Senior Leadership Team and graduated from Roehampton University London specialising in an undergraduate degree in Early childhood studies followed by a PGCE at Goldsmiths University London.

Sabeen is very passionate about teaching children as well as believing that it is paramount that children should be given the opportunity to learn through an enabling environment. She also believes that every child is unique and should be treated as an individual.

"I am excited to have the opportunity to provide the link between the staff and the governors and I look forward to supporting the school's vision to create a ‘'Better Future'' for the children of our school".

Abimbola Adabele (Abi) - Link Governor Literacy + Languages.

Appointed - 1st September 2019

Term:- 4 years

Pecuniary Interests:- None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings:- 2019, 2/2. 2020, 0/1

Committee:- Outcomes

Professional qualifications:- BA (Hons) Business and Law,  LLM Corporate Law

Abi has been a Civil Servant for 4 years and has been working at the Department for Education for the past 3 years. She previously worked at the Home Office and her background is in Business and Law.  She is passionate about making a difference in young people’s lives, she is keen that there is an Education system that provides them with a chance of a better future and is keen on contributing to make her community a better one. Abi has lived in Watford for 2 years and enjoys traveling when she gets the opportunity. 


Kunal Kothari- Community Governor. Resources Committee. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths Link.

Appointed: April 24th, 2020, Ratified by FGB 3rd June 2020.

Committees:- Resources 

Term of office: 4 years

Pecuniary Interests - None

Full Governing Body Meetings attended: 2020 0/0

Professional Qualifications: MEng Electrical Engineering (University of Warwick), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute), Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Kunal worked as an Equity Analyst at Merian Global Investors, where he analyses investments into UK public companies for a range of retail and institutional funds. The role involved financial statement analysis, meeting with company management at the board level to discuss business issues, and engagement on environmental, social, and governance issues. He started his career as a graduate at Schroders on the UK smaller companies desk. 

"I am delighted to be a governor at Ascot Road Community Free School, and I am looking forward to assisting in the best way I can to achieve optimal outcomes for children".

Abolade Odunsi - Community Governor- GDPR Compliance and IT Link.

Appointed: 24th April 2020. Ratified by FGB 3 June 2020.

Term of Appointment: 4 Years

Pecuniary Interests: None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings: 2020 0/1

Professional Qualifications: BA Hons in Business and enterprise management graduate from Sheffield Hallam University.

Abby has 3 years of procurement experience. Most recently working in the IT sales industry.

She also recently received a diploma from the chartered institute of procurement and supply. 

"I am excited to take on this position and to give back to the local community. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym and playing netball". 


Paul Cann - Community Governor - Building Strong Community Relations Link.

Appointed:  24th April 2020. Ratified by FGB 3 June 2020. 

Term of Appointment: 4 Years

Pecuniary Interests: None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings: 

Area of Expertise:

Paul has been a local resident for almost two decades and as such wanted to represent his community as a school governor.  He is passionate about ensuring parity between pupils’ education and outcomes regardless of background environment and previous educational experiences and will work tirelessly in his pursuit of improving life chances for all children. He is a qualified, self-trained, multi-skilled engineer who has set up, led, and managed numerous small businesses. He is a kinaesthetic learner, with the realisation that we don't all learn the same way. His multi-disciplined pursuit of self-learning and inquiry has afforded him the ability to quickly and economically find solutions to, any and all problems, by approaching them from unconventional angles.

Fiona Comploi - Community Governor- Resources Committee.

Appointed: 24th April 2020. Ratified by FGB 3 June 2020.

Term of Appointment: 4 Years

Pecuniary Interests: None

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings: 2020 0/0

Area of Expertise:

Fiona is married with two children aged six and seven, they attend Holy Rood Catholic Primary School.

For over 10 years, Fiona was based at Heathrow working for both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays. She worked in many areas, including service delivery and training and developing staff across major UK airports.

Over time she has used her project management knowledge to further multiple projects she has taken a lead on, including; property management (in London and overseas), research, and events management

She currently works within her family-run business, managing business accounts, event design, and social media. 

Fiona has a special interest in EYFS, KS1 literacy,  and health and safety. 

“At the heart, my motivation to serve on the governing body is my passion for children’s development and maintaining the kind of learning environment that all can thrive in.

I am confident that together, we can continue to cement a firm foundation in which our children can build their futures.”

I am confident that together, we can continue to cement a firm foundation in which our children can build their futures.”


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