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Building Learning Power

What gives children the power to learn?

What is Curiosity?

What is Curiosity?  1

Building Learning Power


Last year, we introduced ‘Building Learning Power’ to our staff and children. Building Learning Power empowers our children to unlock their learning potential, in and out of school.


Children are taught to tackle their learning with confidence through learning skills that enable them to approach their challenges systematically, by using our learning powers. This method has been researched by Guy Claxton, and he has found that children who apply their BLP skills think more deeply, concentrate more effectively and show an increased enjoyment in their lessons. Therefore, these pupils are found to make more progress across all areas of their learning.


We aim for our children to identify these learning powers for themselves and take a stronger ownership of their learning. This will help them with the correct vocabulary, help and support them to understand what it is to be a ‘successful’ learner.


By developing the 4 R’s; Reciprocity, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and Resilience, Ascot Road children are learning to work together and independently, to persevere and use their imagination.


We have looked into the 4 R’s in depth and chosen 5 learning powers within these areas that are more suited to our children. We have given each learning power a character and symbol so that it more exciting and engaging for the children.  Throughout their time at Ascot Road CFS we will learn about Perseverance Turtle, Collaboration Ant, Curiosity Cat, Reflectiveness Owl and Confidence Peacock.


So far we have learnt about Perseverance, Collaboration and Curiosity. This year we have started Reflectiveness, thinking about pausing and looking back on our learning and behaviours. So look out for the symbols in children's book and see how they have used their learning powers.













Examples of Collaboration

Examples of Perseverance