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Since opening, our school has dedicated itself to PE and the wider opportunities it presents, to contribute to pupils personal, social and moral development.


Within a primary setting, it is a joy to witness children’s progression in their physical development and their understanding of the skills involved, which lead them to playing team games and the confidence to perform as individuals.


PE Curriculum:

Children will continue to develop basic skills of throwing, running and jumping through a variety of structured games. Pupils will be given the opportunity to play in competitive and non-competitive situations, whilst developing an appreciation and acceptance to those with different abilities and qualities. We also are developing children's gross motor skills, balance and coordination through our Dance and Gymnastic lessons. Additionally, within our PE sessions we are always promoting team building skills to ensure the children can work well with others. This skill is then made transferable to all curriculum areas and links strongly to our BLP, Collaboration.


All children within the school have had an experience with an external sports coach, within school time and extra-curricular club. So far this year these sports have been Tennis, Cricket, Dance and Yoga.


In the Summer Term, we have celebrated our ‘sporting spirit’ with an annual Sports Day. All pupils are able to demonstrate their learnt skills and competitive natures, to support their House. Our House names are: Cheslyn, Cassiobury, Grove and Micklefield. Last year, we were amazed and extremely grateful for the support of families and friends that attended; let’s hope this continues.


See below for our PE overview.

PE Kit: 

Red PE bag with child's name on the outside


  • Plain white T-shirt  - named on outside sleeve edge
  • Navy shorts - named on outside leg edge
  • Plimsolls - black with elastic tops for Reception (named)


  • Plain white T-shirt  - named on outside sleeve edge
  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms - for outside (named)
  • Suitable trainers 

If your child has earrings, they must be able to either remove them themselves or cover them with tape. This is a Health and Safety pro caution which all pupils must follow.